Oakridge Infotech has been offering a complete spectrum of quality back-office solutions for the US healthcare market. Our dedicated healthcare experts deliver around the clock quality service to individual physician offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals and billing companies. Our expertise in working with US hospitals and clinics allows us to deliver End-to-End solutions in the health care space.


The following list of case studies vouch for our accuracy, level of quality efficiency and fast turnaround time in our care service portfolio

Case Study on Patient Demographics

Case Study on Increase Cash Flow Cardiology

Case Study on Increase Cash Flow

Case Study on Pain Management

Case Study on Radiology Practice


  • As you aware I was very hesitant to send our work “offshore”, your company has put my mind at ease. Through the past several months I have been very pleased with our successful relationship and would not hesitate to recommend the billing services to any provider, large and small. Your billing team has conformed to our billing policies and has carried out all tasks in a timely manner which has exceeded our expectations.

    Manager of a Medical Billing Company in Florida
  • We have been working with you couple of years and have seen significant results during this time. Starting with an Impact Analysis, our net revenue has increased consistently while our billing and administrative costs have been reduced by 17%. Last year, we actually increased receivables by 15%. We look forward to continuous improvement through the use of your rules based engine, outsourcing and practice management services.

    Head of Medical Billing Company in East Cost
  • I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the quality of the resent work. The turn around has been excellent, the reports coming back on denials and unpaid dates is easy to follow, and your accuracy has been very good. At this time I am considering your overall quality has been measurably better. I will continue to move more of our work in your direction.

    CEO of a Billing Company in East Coast