Quality Excellence and Security Policy

Organizations today face a continuous barrage of requests to improve quality. They may throw front-line staff into quality training workshops in the hope that this will improve the management of quality. Or management may decide to attend quality management workshops to become acquainted with the latest strategy; exposing themselves to Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Process Management, and Quality Awards and so on. Yet somehow quality still remains an issue.

The development of a strategic quality plan is the key to determining the right quality initiatives for every organization. Without it, you’ll just move from one fad to the next. To get started, create a team of quality professionals who are responsible for ensuring the delivery of quality products and services to the organization’s customers. Some members of this strategic quality planning team might not be involved in the day-to-day responsibility of managing quality. Rather, they are impacted by quality and therefore have an important stake in the successful outcome of the strategic quality plan.


Quality Policy

At Oakridge, we believe Quality Management is one of our prime responsibilities to build trust and confidence in our customers, and also ensure that all Information assets generated by us are managed at the appropriate levels of confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. We ensure this through our integration quality management system inline to ISO, CMMI, Six Sigma and many other standard quality systems, which is reviewed for effectiveness from time to time. We achieve this through involving all our associates and investing in technology solutions. We are committed for applicable legal, regulatory and contractual obligations with Business continuity plan that is reviewed at regular intervals.

Quality Excellence

Oakridge Strategic Quality Planning is a process that quality departments, quality managers and quality professionals undertake in the organization to identify the “right” quality initiatives to best manage quality today and on into the future. The Oakridge Integrated Quality Excellence Framework is designed in delivering the cost effective and high quality IT software development services to our clients.

Our mature quality process aligned to SEI CMMI Level 5 is definitely an advantage in building client confidence through consistent quality and predictability. This helps to build accounts from an initial incubation stage to bigger steady relationships.

Process Engineering

Providing “Excellence in Engineering” is more than a buzzword, and it requires much more than any single software development methodology or technical solution can provide. We deliver excellence through 4 key components: Organization Structure; Knowledge Growth; Automation; and Documented and Verifiable Process. Our engineering staff is provided one of the most rigorous, exciting and innovative career growth and engagement opportunities in the industry. Our career program, EXCELerate, promotes continuous knowledge growth and skill enhancements within our staff. This gives us the opportunity and ability to provide our clients with an elite engineering staff capable and ready to take on any challenge with excellence.

Process Governance

Oakridge effective governance structure is lean, simple and straightforward. This starts with the creation of an Executive Committee devoted to aligning all levels of the organization so that they contribute to achieving defined strategic goals and objectives. Members of the Executive Committee need will review the organization and its investment portfolio to make sure strategies reach their intended goals. The Executive Committee will also review organizational performance (including processes and policies) to anticipate future needs and avoid regulatory infractions.

Directives from the Executive Committee flow down the organizational chain to members of various Sub-Committees. Sub-Committees usually include department managers who have the ability to make changes within their areas of the organization. Since these individuals are responsible for process and project performance, they can execute plans that bring their departments in line with the organization’s overall goals.

Continual Improvement

Oakridge greatly understand that the continual improvement requires management support. Our top management shall provide evidence of its commitment to the development and implementation of the quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness. We shall continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system through the use of the quality policy, quality objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review. It is an important part of the achievement and keeping of organization competitiveness and treat as a permanent objective of the organization. Our quality management process identifies the processes needed for quality management system and their application throughout the organization.