Oakridge delivery centres deploys a multi-site processing strategy for customers with significant scale and size needs, to mitigate risk.
A few highlights of our infrastructure include:

  • Independent Internet Leased Circuits from multiple ISPs installed for data access and redundancy
  • Built in IT redundancies for uninterrupted operations
  • 200% power back-up
  • Dedicated fully equipped training infrastructure
  • 24/7 security supported by state-of-art access control system
  • Fire alarm system


Connectivity at Oakridge


An Enterprise Access System


A Secured VPN and Network


Work Station Security


Redundancy at Oakridge

Connectivity at Oakridge

Primary Internet Connectivity from the US to India

  • Marine Fiber Optic Cable – Trans- Pacific
  • Marine Fiber Optic Cable – Trans- Atlantic

Secondary Internet Connectivity

  • A server routed to a failover satellite link

OaOakridge state-of-the-art VPN Technology

  • A secure and encrypted data transfer between the client and our Firewall
  • The use of intrusion detection technology
  • 360 degree Security

At Oakridge, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) at the beginning of a project with all our employees. This ensures the total security of your data.



An Enterprise Access System to Check Employee Login

  • Secure Smart Card, Secure Premises Login
  • Network and Windows Login, PC ‘locking’
  • Secure Remote Access (VPN)
  • Secure email with digital signatures
  • Single sign on to enterprise and desktop applications
  • Employees sign confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements

A Secured VPN and Network

  • Total secured CISCO VPN Tunnel to Client, which blocks peers
  • Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches and Cisco® Network Assistant optimized for LAN
  • Cisco® PIX® Firewall which blocks all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP


Work Station Security

  • Wide security management with administrative auditing, reporting, and monitoring facilities, which secure data at every stage
  • No hardware resources are available on the network
  • Workstations are secured individually by Anti-Virus Protection and by Back-Up Drive Managers

Redundancy at Oakridge

Our Business Continuity Plan

  • Internet Redundancy
  • Marine Optic Fiber Cable – Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific
  • Satellite Communication

Power Redundancy

  • Power Failover
  • UPS
  • Power Generators

Disaster Recovery Centre

  • Backup policy for client desktop, critical servers (version control, file, database, etc.,)
  • Policy driven full and incremental backups to our DR facility

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